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Register from disk

The Disk registration function is mainly used for registering individual documents, which are selected by browsing a local disk /network drive, USB memory or other storage media.

The function is only available to those users who have permission to register from disk.


When selecting the function in the main menu, the following form is displayed:

  • Company: only those companies where the user has authorization can be selected when registering
  • Units: only the companies to which the user is authorized can be selected upon registration.
  • Categories: here the category or categories to which the current document should belong are selected.
  • Document types: here you select the document type or documents to which the current document should belong.

When selecting category (s), the fields that are linked to resp. document category in the Fields list.

When selecting the document type (s), the fields that are linked to resp. document type in the Fields list

To select the document/file to be registered, select Browse at the top right.

To add the current document to be registered, select Add at the top right.

It is possible to add multiple files to the same document.

To delete a file that has been added, click the Delete file button

NB! It is only possible to delete single files during registration, once the document has been saved, it can only be deleted in full. 

Fill in the fields (the Document Name and Document Description fields are required to fill in) and click the Save button at the top left.