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Login and Logout

Logging into MediusGo looks different depending on the platform you are running on. 


If you log in via the URL "https://[xxxxx]" "https://[xxxxx]" or you are using the Azure platform and read more about logging in and out in the article Logon and Logout in Azure

If you log in via a URL ending in or you can read more about that login below.


Login to the invoice application takes place via a web browser at the specified address.

Enter your username and password and click the Login button.

Remember me

By checking the box Remember me, you will be able to close the application without logging out and thereby be able to quickly open it again. See more below under the heading Logout

If the session expires, ie you have been logged in but inactive for more than 60 minutes, you must log in again.

By default, your browser knows your login for 10 days, after which you need to log in again.

Forgot password

If the password has been forgotten, you can click on the link Forgot your password? under the login boxes. In order for this link to appear, the UsePasswordReset system parameter must be enabled in the administration tool.

Fill in the username and email address and click on Send and you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Alternative login methods

Depending on how the invoice application is configured, login can also be done with so-called single sign-on, which means that the above login window is not displayed but the user is logged on automatically using the login (username and password) made to the user's PC against the network.


By default, you will be logged out of the system if you have been inactive for more than 60 minutes.

If you have selected the Remember me option on the login page, there are two ways to exit:

  • To close the window without logging out, close the tab in the browser and the next time you browse into the page, you will be logged in automatically.
  • To log out, click on the Log Out button at the top of the black column. You will then return to the login page.

If you have not checked  Remember me, log out by clicking the Log out button at the top right. Then the login page reappears.