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Account or object value not visible for coding

If you have a value in your chart of accounts/code plan that does not show up as selectable when coding in MediusGo, check the following:

Go to the Administration Tool - Chart of Accounts/Code Plan (depending on the value) and click on View.

Is the value in the list?

  • If not, check that it is available in your financial system. If it has been in the financial system for more than 24 hours but has not been transferred to MediusGo, register a case about this in our customer portal.
  • If it exists, check that it is active and that any date period is current.

If the value exists and is active

If the value exists and is active, you are probably using a setting to filter the value by role settings.

If this is the case, the value must be entered on the Coding rights tab, on the role form, on the roles that should be able to use it for coding.

Read more about this in the article Roles and Coding rights