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View/edit documents

Clicking on a line in the hit list opens the current document, the following form is displayed:


The current version is displayed and if other versions are available, these can be selected via the drop-down list.

Multipage documents - browsing

For documents that contain several different files, this is stated in the page instructions, scroll between the files using the arrow buttons

Locked documents

When a user has a document open, it is locked for editing by other users to prevent two people from making changes to the same document at the same time. Document locking can also remain in cases where the user has been logged out due to inactivity. In these cases, you can use the Unlock button to open the document for editing again. NOTE! be sure to check that the user is not currently working on the document.

Close opened document

The opened document is closed via the Close button on the top right of the page.

Edit documents

Update data and add more images/files

Make any changes directly in existing fields. Fields that are yellow are read-only and cannot be changed.

To add additional files to the current document, click the Browse ... button (to select the file) and then Add to add the file.

A local copy of the current document can be saved, provided the user has permission, via the Download File button.

Save changes by clicking the Save button at the top left. The amended document then constitutes a new version.

Deadline field

When an email reminder is no longer to be sent from a document, delete the date in that field.

Read more about deadline fields here.