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Dashboard - Coding

On the Dashboard tab Coding there are charts based on how invoices are coded.

Start by choosing the period you want to see at the top of the tab, the dates apply to the invoice date.

Charts based on coding can only be displayed in one company at a time and in the drop-down list Company are the companies selected at the top of the page.

Then choose which coding dimension you want to look at and a graph with all the values in the selected category is displayed as bars.

There are then two options for breaking down the result:

  • Show Account: Click a bar in the chart Amount coded on ... and a new chart will appear with a bar for each account posted along with the current dimension value, then click a bar in the chart Sum for each account and a list of these invoices are displayed
  • Show invoices: Click on a bar in the Amount coded on ... and a list of invoices coded with the selected dimension value is displayed