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Dashboard - General

The Dashboard is a reporting tool used to see trends in invoice flow and is opened via the Dashboard button in the black menu column on the right.

The right to see the Dashboard is set on the Role Form, Authorised to see reports.

The information is divided into five tabs: Vendor, Invoice, Coding, Statistics and Bottlenecks.

At the top left of each chart is the button Show in Excel , click on it and the chart opens in Excel with the ability to edit and print.

Select companies to include in the report

If more than one company is in the system, companies must first be selected before a report can be downloaded. The company is selected at the top of the page by moving companies from the Available companies box to the Selected companies box.

By using the single arrows, selected companies are moved and by using the double arrows all companies are moved. If only one company exists, this will be automatically selected.